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Mission and Value

We believe in that employees are willing to dedicate to a work with clear mission and work with noble-minded value as a result. XIANGSAI trains and cultures every employee from the first day he(or she) begins his(or her) career at XIANGSAI. A staff must possess below qualities if as a part of XIANGSAI.

Not everyone are capable of being excellent; not everything can be done with excellent; not
everywhere can be found as excellent. But we must be optimistic to rusult of our work and keep on pursuing excellence during our work. Result is one thing, we emphysize more on the course of being excellent.Every details of a design,every movement of a machine; every processing of a production, every printing of a package, every route of a transportation,and every ... are what we want them to be excellent.

Efficence is life of a company;every member of the family should be cultured with speed and timely
work calendar.Being efficient is an aspect to show respects to others,to show dedicated to your career, and to show passion to your work. The whole company is entrusted by clients, being efficient is the best behaviour to practice what we promised.What may be done at any time will be done at no time.Time lost cannot be won again; so does the patience of our clients.

Elegance of language may not be in the power of all of us; but simplicity and straight forwardness
are. Write much as you would speak; speak as you think. If with your inferior, speak no coarser than usual; if with your superiors, no finer. Be what you say; and, within the rules of prudence, say what you are. Good communication avoids fails,mistakes,misunderstandings,and defects. XIANGSAI's comcept of communication performing at every precedure of production,every paper delivery and every instructions implementing.

Company as an individual in society has its un-shiftable responsibility to take care of emplyee,to
practice what promised and to be responsible with parters.XIANGSAI is a responsible and reliable company to our employee,to our clients and partners and to the society. The passed decade has been proving the facts at yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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