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1.Why choose aluminium square ceiling?

Answer:Home decoration square ceiling refers to the square suspended ceiling which has small size and spendid colour. In terms of surface treatment, our company suggests with using laminated series and metal surface series since they have rich colour and reliable wether resistant performace.

2.How to combine grid ceiling with other ceiling?

Answer:It can be perfectly match with electric appliance module and form beautiful and practical ceiling.Electric appliance modules includes lighting, ventilation and heating parts, and most of these materials with standard compatible sizes like 300*300mm,300*600mm,600*600mm and etc. These size of modules can be directly inserted or layon the grid of ceiling. The suspending are simple and convenient for installation and un-installation.

3.What is the function of black tissue at back of perforated aluminium tile?

Answer: In old times people uses many acoustic materials for aborb noises, especially like fiber glass.Xiangsai aluminium ceiling tile uses a acoustic txtile have features like considerable sound impedance and fir-proof performance.This kind of felt can get same sound impedance of a 50 mm fiberglass; morover it has very strong fire proof performance. It has passed the ramdom test of national fire-proof architectural material quality inspection, reached national standard GB8624-falme resistance grade B1.

4.What is the function of perforation on aluminium ceiling?

Answer: Perforation is a kind of processing technology for metal suspended ceiling tile. Perforated ceiling forms beautiful patterns according to the arrangement of puching holes with considerable sound absorbing and isolating effect. Our Xiangsai perforated tile will all combine with acoustic fabic textile at back side of tile. Xiangsai has over 30 kinds of fixed perforation types, and can customize patterns according to client's requirements.

5.What are fuctions of aluminium foil at back of PVC vinyl gypsum tile?

Answer:For PVC ceiling tile below 9mm thickness(included 9mm) we suggests to furnish the tile with aluminium foil at back. Because thin thickness gypsum tile might bsorb humidity from atmosphere; furnish with a layer of aluminium foild will isolate the humidity from the tile and prevents of damp and sag.Proved by experimentation this layer of aluminium foil has good performance of prevention sag in the circumstances at temperature at 40 and humidity at RH90%.Meawhile the aluminium foil has feature of refelcting radiation heats,and effectively reduce the effectiong of temperature of exterior spaces.

6.Why some vinyl gypsum tile taped edges?

Answer: Vinyl gypsum tile currently in the market, no matter how much superior its quality is, it alsways has some certain of pulverization while tranportation or installation. Then dusts and gypsum powder might be fallen at some degree,even worse there might be some worn out happend at corners of a tile,especially after some kind hevey strikes while transportation. Therefore, people aware of that there is some certain mass has been lost after above adverse circumstances happened, and found using tape to surround around all edges of a tile can be a good protection and keep quality inside the tile. Beside, after used tapes, tiles become more clean and health for decoration. But above described adverse circustances happen at a tiny scope, therefore still 80% of vinyl gypsum tile don't taping edges.

7.What is the definition of fire resistant on FR gypsum board?

Answer:Fire resistant(or fire proof) gypsum board, the core of board added with special fire resistant additive and fiber glass(most of them are abio-fire resistant fiber glass). It has superior stability on fire, generally its stability in fire is 20 to 30 minutes; some special additived gypsum board even has a record of stability with 4 hours.  China national criteria has grades for fire resistance: A incombustibility ; B1 hard combustion;  B2 combustibility; B3 flammability.  China national standard GB 50222-95 even with clear narration that fire resistant gypsum board assembly with light steel profile for ceiling or wall partion can be regarded as A grade materails for decorations.

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